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History and philosophy
Fight Club has been running since 2012. Here at Fight Club, we try to make the environment relaxed and fun. This helps to foster a happy and friendly club – making it easy to join in and learn.

The Fight Club instructors are all highly qualified, well trained and motivated to help you get where you want to be by learning and practising self-defence.

The philosophy is simple; “Everyone can learn and develop their bodies and minds by learning martial arts to achieve self-defense skills, self-esteem, confidence, and fitness in a relaxed, exciting and fun way.”


What do I have to do to begin?

  • Come along to any class and join in as a beginner or take a seat and watch.

You will gain much more insight into self-defence if you join in. If you would like to participate you should bring:

Loose clothing with a bit of ‘give’ (like sports trousers and a t-shirt)
A bottle of water.

So what are the classes like?

Class sizes vary but usually range between 6 to 12 people. Our club runs a mixed class with separate changing facilities. The classes are quite social affairs and training partners are encouraged to help each other with fair practice and advice.

In the main training group, partners are changed frequently so you aren’t stuck with one person all night. Everyone works at their own pace during the training sessions and no one is forced into doing anything they are not comfortable with.

As a New Beginner you will have a coach qualified instructor assigned to you for the first few lessons. He will take you to the far end of the mat and show you how to fall in a safe way and explain the basic movements and teach you a few techniques. Once you are ready and feel comfortable with it, you can join the main group. Usually this takes a couple of classes but there is no pressure if you want to take longer.


Whats the training like?

Your introductory classes will include:

  • Gentle stretching and warm up.
  • Basic Selfdefence movements and exercises.
  • An introduction to fight techniques with lots of explanation and assistance.
  • Cool down

To keep things interesting and enjoyable, every class focuses on a different aspect of training, but will usually cover some of the following:

  • Basic defence movement
  • Balance taking
  • The use of distance and space
  • Defences from different strikes


How much does it cost?

We have planned everything out to make it as easy and cost effective as possible for you. Full information about training costs  can be found in our pricing section.


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