Fight Club

Specializing in self-defense and combative training based on Russian SYSTEMA martial arts.


Fight Club classes in Tallinn take the best aspects of all martial arts to prepare each student for real life self defense situations.

Our school style molds self-defense and sparring into one overall fighting system to where our self-defense complements our fighting, and our fighting complements our self-defense.

Our martial arts school is preparing students to defend themselves in real-life situations.

Some of the things that you can learn by training with us:

  • Psychological  preparation for extreme situations
  •  safe falling techniques
  • controlling you opponent
  • pressure point and choking techniques
  • fighting multiple opponents
  • effective defence against knife, stick, pistol and other weapons.


To learn SYSTEMA you do not have to be young and in excellent physical fit.
Using SYSTEMA people of all sizes, ages can learn to protect themselves.

Why to be chosen?

  • Joyful and active people oriented trainings. We are not here for the sport, but for the self-defence and health!
  • Safe, entertaining and useful (personal coach follows each of your step)
  • Experienced trainers (with more 10 years of experience)
  • Personal nutrition programm for each participant
  • Small groups (10 people max)
  • Fight Club classes are ran in three languages: English, Estonian and Russian.
  • Trainings cover different areas of body development: warming up/streching techniques, fight technics, deep relaxation techniques

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