Membership Desciption Fee
Newcomers Trainings on following days: MON, WED and FRI 19.00 -20.30 15 eur/once
 Morning session Includes 2  trainings per week (you may visit any or all of them). Training on following days: TUE and THU at Herne 30, at 08.00-10.00 8 trainings per month! 50 eur
Evening session Includes three trainings per week (you may visit any or all of them). Trainings on following days: MON, WED and FRI at Herne 30 at 19.00 -20.30 12 session per month! 60 eur
Individual trainings Tallinn-based one-on-one trainings. You choose time and we do it. 25 eur/training

One time session: 15 eur. First session is free of charge. You may also mix session dates depending on your personal scheldue. As well as individual sessions with personal trainers are available. Contact us for additional information.

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